Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guilty Pleasures & Funny Habits

Everyone has some guilty pleasures and funny habits, and I am no exception.  Here are a few:

  • I log into Facebook at least once daily, in addition to the multiple times a day I check it on my blackberry
    • I honestly hate the new Facebook.  I hate the layout, I hate the stalkerish values, I hate the fact that people I don't know can all of a sudden "like" and comment on my pictures.  In the words of my awesome Nonni, "I don't go for that."
  • If I'm going to drink, I want top shelf.  
    • I don't do it often, but I indulge in cocktails, and I like good alcohol.  If I'm going to get a Martini, I want Kettle One.  And if I'm going to get a Gin and Tonic, I want Tanqueray.  
  • I play the same songs over and over and over.
    • I can't help it.  I like what I like.  When I go to the gym and turn on my iPod, more often than not, I go to the Playlist "Top played songs."  Those are all the songs I know I like.
  • I read Harry Potter and Twilight over and over and over
    • I do read new literature, I swear.  But if I'm just going to bed, and want something to put me to sleep, that I know isn't going to get my blood racing and keep me up throughout the night, I like to read something I've read before.  I like Harry Potter and I like Twilight.  I've read them both.  A lot.
  • I refuse to jump on the fat free bandwagon.  Give me the full fat!!!
    • Yes, I'm on Weight Watchers.  I understand that you have the choice of eating fat free everything, thereby allowing yourself to eat more.  But honestly.  If you go to a friend's house, or go out to dinner, are you going to bring your own fat free ingredients with you?  No, I didn't think so.  I'd much rather indulge in the full fat, and learn the meaning of "Portion Control" while enjoying what I'm eating.
  • Cookbooks.  I have a ton.  I don't use hardly any of them.
    • I have an obsession with cookbooks.  I have tons.  I buy them, and people buy them for me.  I look through them, and then neglect to bake/cook any of the recipes.  But in all honesty, I use 2 more than anything else:  The Joy of Cooking and King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion.  They are the best, no matter what.
  • Dancing with the Stars / Switched at Birth
    • Yes, I watch both of these shows.  Dancing with the Stars is my #1.  I love it, and I also which I could dance.  Or at least take dancing lessons.  And yes, I also watch Switched at Birth on ABC Family.  It's one of the worst shows ever, with horrible actors (although possibly not as bad as the actors on Secret Life of the American Teenager).  It's like a trainwreck.  I can't help watching it.
  • I buy my lunch almost every day.  
    • I NEED to start packing it.  We're on a money saving plan.  I need to let go of this habit.  The funny thing is, I often don't enjoy what I buy.  It would be so much better if I just took the leftovers.  Seriously.
  • Coffee.  Iced Coffee.  Coffee Milk.  I love coffee!
    • No justification needed here....
  • I play with my hair.  All the time.
    • I don't know why.  I can blow it out all pretty, and then I play with it and it looks a mess.  I envy people who can sit through the day without messing with their hair and thereby having beautiful hair.  Can I do it?
  • Driving on Empty
    • I blame my mother for this habit.  She used to do it all the time.  I can't count the number of times we all loaded into the car (my dad driving) and had to stop for gas because the light was on.  The worst part of this is....I know exactly how far I can go once the light comes on.  That's bad, isn't it?
  • Scratch Tickets
    • I haven't bought on in a while, but one day Scott pulled a whole bunch of loser cards out of my trunk.  I bought them, lost and unsuccessfully hid the evidence.  I always think I might just get a winner.  It's never going to happen.  
That's a pretty substantial list.  What are your guilty pleasures and funny habits???

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