Monday, October 10, 2011

Pot Roast

If you've never cooked a Pot Roast in a crock pot before, then your name is probably Camille.  Seriously.  It's one of the easiest meals I've ever made, and all it took was 5 minutes of prep.  I had originally planned on making a Pot Roast in a dutch oven (the child in me always laughs when I hear/say dutch oven).  This plan was based on a recipe in my Weight Watcher cook book.  However, I ended up setting the crock pot and using a recipe from a Crock Pot book instead.  Such an easy alternative.  It avoided the need for me to tend the stove...And when I got home this afternoon from doing laundry at my dad's, my house smelled delicious.

Today's recipe:

1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 3-4 lb bottom round (I actually had bought a 2-lb round, so this is what I used)
1 15-oz can beef broth (I bought fat free, low sodium)
1 Tbsp Salt (or however much you want)
1 Tbsp Pepper
1 Tbsp Garlic Powder
1 Tsp Paprika
Potatoes (I used fingerling potatoes and cut them in half)
Baby Carrots (I used baby carrots)
Onion (I used 3 small/medium onions and sliced them about 1/2")

Technically I was supposed to brown the roast in olive oil in the crock pot, and then take it out, put half the seasonings on it, put the onions in, and cook those a bit, and then add the roast back in with the veggies and broth.  

Yea, that didn't happen.  I started trying to brown the roast, but I saw that was going to take forever, so I took it out, dumped all the veggies into the crock pot, put in the seasonings, the stock, mixed it all together and then nestled the meat in everything.

6 hours on high later, pure deliciousness.  The one thing I found super amusing is how much the roast shrunk through the cooking process.  It looks so small!  But the flavor - OUTSTANDING!

Day one, and so far I'd say it's pretty easy acting like an adult.... :o)

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