Thursday, October 20, 2011

Easy to eat healthy???

Exercising makes me want to eat healthy.

I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday.  Monday I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes (that included the cool-down).  Tuesday, I went on the quasi-sort of elliptical/stair master for 45 minutes.  I don't know what it's called.  It's like a combination of the two.  In any case, I think I burned at least 200 more calories today.  (I finally figured out what the machine was - after about an hour of google-ing.  It's a Summit Trainer by Life Fitness - awesome awesome machine).

Monday night, I made a quasi-chicken marsala.  It was OK, but nothing more.  I tried to eat the leftovers for lunch Tuesday, but they were awful.  To make the dish, I basically dredged some chicken in flour, pan fried them, then made a sauce with onions and mushrooms with stock and wine.  Put the chicken back in, and let it simmer.  It was good when I first made it.  Not good at all leftover.  With the chicken, I made baked potato and salad.

I quasi-calculated the points to be 12 points for 2 pieces of chicken and then points for the potato and points for the salad.

Tuesday, I decided on a last-minute meal when I got home from the gym.  We took down ground beef to defrost Monday night, so I knew the meal had to be centered around that.  I had bought a bunch of cookbooks a few months ago that I haven't made anything from yet, so tonight was the night.  I decided on a shepherd's pie.  The recipe I found was actually to be made with ground chicken, but I improvised (It also called for red bell pepper, which I didn't have and substituted with celery....It was actually a good choice.  I also added in corn, which the recipe didn't call for, but I felt would be good).  Then, after I made it, I loaded the recipe into my weight watchers recipe builder.  Result:  10 points plus per serving (6 large servings in the whole dish).  

I didn't take pictures of either dish, but oh well.  The Shepherd's Pie took about the same amount of time to make as the Chicken, but the Shepherd's pie was much much tastier (My husband agreed), and it was healthier and more well balanced.  I think the fact that I had a better workout on Tuesday made me want to eat healthier.  And even if the dish wasn't healthier, I at least wanted to know exactly how many points plus it was.

I have found (in the past and even now) that exercising has made me want to eat healthier.  I've heard this a million times, but sometimes you just need to experience something for yourself before it sinks in (you also need to be in the right frame of mind when you experience it):  Exercising is not only good for your body, but it's fantastic for your mind.  It really is.  I was honestly afraid when I made the Shepherd's pie, that it would put my points through the roof, but I was (very) pleasantly surprised.

Tuesday night I took down a pound of ground turkey, however I was too tired to cook Wednesday when we got home from work.  SO.....I wonder what's in store for tonight?!?!

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