Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Change is Good

May 8, 2010 was the best day, ever.  At least it was in my opinion.  Wedding day.  I married my best friend.  

I never doubted the fact that I would change my name.  I knew that I wanted to and I have always known that I would do it.  I did change my name.  Two days after we got home from our Honeymoon (May 24, 2010), I went to City Hall, got a copy of our Marriage License, then went to the Social Security Office and changed my name.  I have to say, that for about two good weeks, I felt like I didn't have an identity.  They took my old SSCard, and it was a couple weeks later, I finally got the new one.  At that point, I went through the horrible process of changing my name.  I call it horrible, because I had to contact every single account I possessed and send in the documentation to change my name.

I'm talking:  Health Insurance (the entire system at work), Mortgage Account, Bank Accounts/Checks (In all honesty, I crossed out my maiden name and wrote in my married name on about 50-60 checks before it was time to reorder them), Credit Cards, and Utility Bills.  In many cases, the accounts actually needed a copy of my marriage license in order to change the name.  It actually took months to complete the process.

Today is October 18, 2011.  It is 528 days (17 months 10 days) since the wedding.  Today I changed my email address.

It has probably been more time consuming and more annoying than changing all of those other accounts.  Maybe it wasn't necessary, but I emailed everyone in my contact book that I was changing my email address.  Then, I imported all my old emails from the old address to the new address (it's still in process).  Then, I put an automatic-forward on the old account.  Then, I changed my email address on my blackberry.  Then, I imported all my contacts and pictures, and changed my Google+ account and my Blogger account.

I'm exhausted!  But happy!  :o)

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