Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just your typical Thursday

Today is Thursday.  Here's a rundown.

I woke up when my alarm went off at 6:30, but hit "dismiss" instead of "snooze."   I woke up again at 7:06.

It's raining outside.  As I was trying to get out of my car, get my pocketbook, laptop, lunch bag, Nalgene, and coffee out of the car, the umbrella that I was also holding flipped inside out, making the shelter from the rain ineffective.

So far, I've run 4 tests and logged 2 defects.  I've sat on 3 conference calls.  And while I've been sitting in the same place all day, 4 other conference calls have happened....I've heard them, but haven't had to participate.  Some of those meetings happened (on speaker phone) at the same time.

My role in the main system *finally* got changed (this means that I'll finally start getting paid the correct rate, but my next paycheck is going to have 9 weeks of back pay).  When they changed me, they switched my company.  This created a problem with the SAP Production portal and now I need to re-submit my access for read-only...

Yup, I guess it really IS one of those days...Maybe Ray Cruz had it right...But it's only noontime.  I am exuding positive energy, so hopefully things will improve.

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