Friday, October 21, 2011

Large or Venti?

Dear Starbucks:  What's the deal???

Short = 8 ounce
Tall = 12 ounce
Grande = 16 ounce
Venti = 20 ounce 
Venti Iced = 24 ounce
Trenta Iced = 31 ounce

I get it....Venti actually means twenty.  Grande means big.  So why short?  Why tall?  And why Trenta?  Trenta means thirty....Not 31.  That would be trentuno.

Don't you think we should re-name the size small to be otto, the tall to be dodici, and grande to be sessanta?  Am I just being picky??  I just don't understand the mixing of languages here!!

P.S.  I'm quite happy to hear that Starbucks is now making a "Blonde" roast.  Their dark roast really is too dark, for me at least.

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