Sunday, October 16, 2011

10 for $10

After a delicious breakfast at T's this morning (in order to cure my hangover - I seriously can't drink like I used to...), Scott and I went to the supermarket.  My goal was to get some more meats for dinner for the week, as well as some other necessities. 

As we walked into the aisle with all the macaroni, I saw that Prince was having a sale, 10 boxes for $10.  Normally, I don't buy Prince.  For some reason, I have a thing for Barilla, and usually keep to their brands but I'm not a person to ignore a sale.  As we were picking out some different types to buy, I noticed that a number of the boxes of macaroni weren't even a full pound!  They were only 12 ounces, yet they were still in the 10 for $10 category!

What has the world come to that we can't actually sell a full pound of macaroni, and resort to jipping the American Consumer 4 ounces?  If they're going to only give us 3/4 of a pound, then I deserve to pay only 75 cents rather than the full dollar!  Am I wrong??

Ahh, my rant for the day.  Before I close out this topic altogether, it's important for me to mention that only 1 out of the 7 pounds of macaroni that we bought were actually 12 ounces - everything else was the full pound.
In other news, I have formulated half a plan for dinner this week.  I had bought some peppers last week at the supermarket, but didn't use them for anything so we picked up some sausage today and have sausage and peppers cooking away in the Crock Pot as I type.  For the rest of the week, I'm thinking of making something with chicken (I bought some mushrooms, I'm thinking of making chicken marsala), as well as Spicy Turkey Burgers (I have this amazing recipe for turkey burgers with Dill and Hot Sauce - it's so delicious).  I also have some ground beef and steaks in the freezer, so I think I'm sure I'll use at least one of those for another mid-week meal.  I think I learned a lot last week in terms of cooking dinner.  Here are a few of the important things I'll be keeping in mind:
  • It's really important to know what you're going to make before you defrost anything.  If not, you may be stuck with chicken but with nothing to fix it with.
  • The vegetables are key - they really help embellish a dish as well as add flavor
  • Buying a small bag of mini-potatoes is unnecessary.  A regular 5-lb bag of all purpose potatoes will do you fine.
  • As long as you know what you're going to make, and you have everything you need, dinner will only take minutes to put together.
Over the past couple years, I haven't cooked that much dinner.  But it's really easy!  I'm excited for what this week will bring.

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