Monday, April 30, 2012

Such a Slacker!

I feel like such a slacker.  I haven't cooked a decent meal in about 2 weeks (except for some tacos last week).  We have been so busy trying to get the house ready (2 weeks later, we still have a ton of more wallpaper to strip down).  We have been really lucky to have our mom's making us food over the last couple of days, so at least we haven't been starved!

We had a super busy weekend at the house.  We finished taking down the wallpaper in the dining room, and started on the hallway.  We also are about 1/3 finished (almost 1/2 finished) with the living room - we were pleasantly surprised to find that the bottom layer in the living room came down fairly easily.  My mom also took down all the paper in the bathroom, so all we'll have to do is steam off the glue, which should be relatively easy.

We also mowed the lawn on Saturday!!  We got a ride-on mower with the house, and I have been busting to try it out.  The lawn was getting pretty high, so I took a quick break on Saturday and spent an hour in the yard.  To make the experience more pleasurable, I'll have to add a cup holder onto the mower to hold my iced coffee!  haha :o)  

My dad took some pictures - enjoy!! :)

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  1. These photos are awesome. That is all.