Friday, April 6, 2012

Cleaning out my closet...

It's amazing the things you find in your closet after not going through them for a while...I have a closet where the entire top shelf is full of t-shirts, sweat pants, work out clothes, etc. 

Within the mess that exists in that closet, the multitude of t-shirts just sit there because I just don't wear them. I have them separated into categories: High School, UMass, Concerts, Work, and Random. The high school category mostly consists of shirts from the era: when I worked at Sundaes the ice cream shop, and random t's from or around high school. I've kept a selection mostly for sentimental reasons.  The UMass category is a collection of t's obtained mostly from the college of engineering, with a few that I either got for free or actually purchased. The work category is just free t's from promotions at work. The concert and random category are exactly that. 

It's pretty safe to say that I don't wear any of the shirts from highschool.  I wear a small selection of the UMass shirts, but not all of them.  The work shirts I wear all the time, as well as most of the random shirts.  The Concert Shirts are just there to remind me of some of the shows I've been to.  I have an amazing Paul McCartney shirt (that my brother tried to steal at one point), Eric Clapton, Green Day, etc.  I never wear those shirts.

It's fun to take a run down memory lane and look over the shirts...
I've included a few samples of what I came across, for your viewing pleasure :)


"I am not a morning person" - I got this for free while walking through the campus center at UMass

A front and Back view - "Ask Me!"  "I Know STUFF" - we wore these when we toured the Freshmen around at Cranston West

"I Love To Watch UMASS DEBATE" - Say it out loud....There you go....This is probably the best $10 I every spent....

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