Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun with Wallpaper!

It amazes me how certain things can come into style, and then go out again (and maybe even come back in again...).  Wallpaper seems to be one of those things.  My parents always had wallpaper in our house when I was young, but as I've gotten older, they seem to be leaning more towards paint.   

Personally, I'm not a fan of wallpaper.  While it protects the walls, I find it a lot easier to paint, especially if you get sick of what's on the walls...  My husband and I recently bought a house and we are so excited!  We closed on Friday, and we've begun the process of trying to clean it up.  The house is beautiful, but there is wallpaper in EVERY SINGLE ROOM except for one room, which has dark wood paneling.  We definitely have our work cut out for us.

My dad has an industrial wallpaper steamer, so we've been using that, but while there was only one steamer, and two of us trying to take down wallpaper, I ended up going to Home Depot the other night and I bought a $50 steamer which works great!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to strip wallpaper.  It's only $50, and it works just as great as the industrial one (which costs at least $30/day to rent).

I figured I would share some of the wallpaper that we're dealing with....It's always a fun thing to look at!!  :o)

Master bedroom and bath
Bedroom.  As my neighbor said, it's so ugly you could possibly do something fun with it.  The most fun I'm going to do with it is strip it down, lol
Bedroom.  This is the least offensive.  Although it is textured...
Living Room.  If you looked up hideous in the dictionary, this will be next to the definition.  It's textured (obviously) and pretty much looks like they glued a burlap bag to the wall...
Dining Room and Hallway.  It doesn't look too bad, but imagine this repeated over everything.  Lucky us, there's a second layer of wallpaper underneath!!!
Main bathroom.  This isn't TOO bad.  But bad enough...
Kitchen.  Another form of hideous.  While stripping this wallpaper, we found not only another layer of wallpaper underneath, but also a Formica back-splash!
Last night, while stripping wallpaper, I found this.  It totally explains WHY they papered over the original back-splash.  Obviously, they tried to remove it in one spot and ruined the wall...

We have only gotten through the kitchen so far....But we have found some fun things written on the wall!!

So the kitchen is done, only 7 more rooms to go!  Wish us luck!!

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  1. i can't understand why you're pulling down such lovely wallpaper. my personal favorites are the bedroom with the gold design ... and the DINING ROOM. I LOVE IT!!!!! In the first photos I saw of the house, I loved the kitchen but up close I understand why you're replacing it.

    HAHA just kidding, it's going to look awesome painted!! I love the notes you found written underneath...that's too cool!