Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Dinner

This year we celebrated Easter at my mom's house.  There were 14 of us this year and I'd say that we had a really nice time.

Instead of my mom cooking the majority of all the food and everyone just coming to eat, we split up the responsibility this year and everyone made 1 dish each.

Mom:  Ham and Turkey and Stuffing (The turkey and stuffing was made for those who don't like ham)
Me:  Green Beans (I made them with caramelized onion and almonds - they were SO good, and I forgot to take a pictures of them!!!) and Sweet Bread
Auntie Regina:  Broccoli Casserole
Auntie Annette:  Roasted Potatoes
Dad:  Antipasto deli rolls
Carolyn:  Pickled Peppers
Nonni:  Rice Pie
Mom & Erin:  Egg biscuits and a Pagoda (A bit of deliciousness consisting of flaky pastry, boiled cream, chocolate cream, whipped cream, raspberry filling, and peaches - with cherries on top! - I had never tried a Pagoda, or even heard of one before, but my Mother in law's contribution was very well received!!)

A Pagoda from Pastryland Bakery in Smithfield, RI
I totally overdid it with the sweat bread....But I'm sure it won't go to waste!!

The 13 sweet breads that I decided to make for Sunday.  12 mini's and 1 extra large - Some with hard boiled eggs!!  Everyone got to take home a mini!!
All in all, it was another delicious holiday.  There was much less food than usual (can you believe that that list is LESS food than usual?) but we were able to enjoy what we were eating instead of stuffing ourselves with too many choices and not enjoying anything.

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