Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Time Challenge

So my friends and I have started another Healthy Challenge on March 26 (first weigh-in was Monday April 2 - I'm already down 2 pounds!!!) and I'm on another session of Weight Watchers Online.  

The Healthy Challenge takes into account the healthy amounts of the healthy guidelines that one should be observing on a daily basis (2 fruits, 3 vegetables, 64 oz of water - 8 cups, a limited amount of sweets, no eating after 9 pm, and a reasonable amount of exercise).  
Weight Watchers, as we all know, uses the "Points Plus" system to account for the food that you eat during the day.  Also, you can earn points by exercising.

While I'm using these two things to help me on my weight loss goals, I'm finding that exercise is always taking the back seat.  So I'm challenging myself.  Again.

I found a workout on Pinterest the other day, and I'm interested in trying it.  It uses only your body, and no equipment (and that makes me happy - I'm always afraid that using weights will bulk me up instead of slimming me down).  

Here's the workout:

I took my measurements this morning (bust, waist, hips, upper arm, thigh, calfs) and while I won't publish those numbers to you, I will re-post at the end of my 8 week challenge (Which will be Monday May 21, 2012) with not only my weight loss (as of the beginning of my 8-week challenge, but also my inches lost)!!!

So wish me luck!  :o)

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