Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Matters

  1. I am currently covered in some kind of Poison (either Ivy or Oak) and I am in a constant state of itch. It's awful.  Big splotches on one arm, random spots on the other arm, both sides of my abdomen, and my neck.  Doctor gave me Prednisone and Benadryl and it has only been helping a little bit.  This is awful.

  2. Buffalo.  Chicken.  Pizza.  Currently the love of my life.  We bought some (yes, that's right, bought - not made) on Saturday and I have been enjoying it all weekend.  Put some Blue Cheese Dressing on top, and you're in heaven!  At least I am!!!
  3. Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Tomaselli's in Cranston, RI
  4. Saturday night, my mom taught Scott and me how to play Mah Jong.  Not the Internet Matching Tiles game - the real game.  It was a ton of fun!  She's having the girls over tonight for Mah Jong (they get together quite often to play) and I might even sit in!  

  5. As you know, last week was my birthday.  I had a great day and as I mentioned before, Scott surprised me with an amazing dinner at my favorite restaurant.  My family went out of their way on the previous weekend to have a cake for me, and I really enjoyed celebrating my 29th birthday.  The only flaw with the entire thing was the realization that two people in particular - who I considered my closest friends back in the day - did not so much as whisper a Happy Birthday to me.  I feel like I'm very good at wishing my friends a Happy Birthday on their big day (how can you not with Facebook reminding you all the time) and I was just really surprised by the neglect.  I know things aren't the same as they used to be, but it's just hurtful.  End Rant.

  6. My Aunt Annette has an amazingly simple recipe for Focaccia Bread that I plan on trying within the not-too distant future.  I can't wait to try it!!!

  7. My friends and I have started up another round of the Healthy Challenge.  So far, I'm doing alright.  I have do admit, though, lately the sweets have been killing me.  I need to get myself away from them!!!

  8. Yesterday we went over to My Aunt Annette's house where she and my cousin Carolyn put together a delicious Sunday dinner of Sausage and Peppers, Salad, and Roasted Chicken with stuffing, potatoes, and carrots.  We all had a lot of fun - and even got quite a few laughs in, most of which were at the expense of my grandmother.  She and my cousin Carolyn spent the previous evening making Wine Biscuits, where Nonni quipped the phrase, "If we do it correctly, we'll be here all night" - meaning that if they made the wine biscuits small, they'll be baking all night....She also gave herself a healthy portion of chicken and stuffing at dinner, which created lots of laughs!!
  9. Wine Biscuits, made by Nonni (left) and Carolyn (right)....

    Seriously, that's all the chicken and stuffing that Nonni took for herself yesterday at dinner
  10. The painting at the house seems to finally be coming to a head - there's not a ton left to do.  I feel like it's take FOREVER to get to this point.  The new contractor should be calling me within the next couple of days to give us the price for the plumber (who has to completely REDO everything that the first plumber did), and then we can have the hardwood floors refinished, and move in!!!  I'm aiming for moving in before Halloween, but as long as we're in before Thanksgiving, I'll be happy!!!

  11. We head down to Florida on Monday (October 1) for some vacation time, and a wedding on October 7!!  I cannot wait.  

  12. So Football Season is in full swing, and these replacement refs are really getting under my skin.  I like football, but it's not my favorite sport (Hockey is my first love), but I understand the game, and I also understand that these refs don't know football.  Some of the calls are completely outrageous!!


  1. I love Buffalo chicken pizza too! Definitely the greatest discovery in pizzaland :) I've made it before and it's pretty easy, always a hit!

    I agree about the refs. I am pretty appalled by the calls they have been making. Honestly, if this continues I think this whole season will be a miracle. It's not even about which team plays better, it's about which teams gets the least lame calls from the refs.

    I hope you feel better, both from the poison ivy/oak and the neglectful friends on your birthday. I'm sure heading to Florida next week will be a nice break for you guys from all the stress! xo

    1. We'll definitely have to make some Buffalo Chicken Pizza! It's on my list of things to make. Maybe for a football game...I really hope the real refs come back - it will make watching football so much more enjoyable. :o) xoxo