Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Matters

  1. On Thursday night, I got to bake not one thing....But TWO things!!!  How exciting is that???  I've been itching to bake for SO long, and while I made the Apple Crisp last weekend, I still felt unfulfilled in the baking department.

    1. The first thing I baked was my Trippy Dippy Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Chocolate cookie, white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and almonds.  DELICIOUS.

    2. The second thing I baked was my Call Me Maybe Blondies.  Basically, a chocolate chip cookie in brownie form.  With three different kinds of chocolate chips.  Why the title, you ask? Well, Blondie sang "Call Me" and they were maybe like a Blondie (really like a cookie bar).  So Call me Maybe.  Blondies.  Either way, delicious.

  2. I baked said goodies for a Bachelorette party this weekend, which was a lot of fun!  A jam packed weekend of Wine Tastings, Boat Rides, Dancing, and lots of drinking.

  3. Hanging out with the Bride Katie (left) and her soon-to-be-sister-in-law Tina (right)
  4. My husband and I drove into work together this morning and it took us an hour and twenty minutes.  Seriously.  I should have taken 50 minutes.  It was like torture.  All I kept thinking was "When is my house going to be ready???"

  5. Speaking of my house, the painter started putting color up on the walls this weekend!!!  How exciting is that????  I haven't seen it for myself yet, but I'm thinking a ride by after work today will be delightful.

  6. Today I experienced the glory of "Mobile Deposits."  My grandmother gave us a check as a housewarming, to help us pay for the new bulkhead that we bought.  Instead of having to go to the bank to deposit it, I'm now able to do it FROM MY PHONE!!!  Take a picture of the front, take a picture of the back, enter the amount, and I've got a pending deposit.  Amazing!

  7. When I got into work this morning, I remembered that they are officially starting their "United Way Campaign."  While I'm all about donating money to people in need, I absolutely dread the thought of sitting through a Month of people screaming at me to donate money, to buy raffle tickets, to donate to a silent auction, to BUY from the silent auction, to buy at the live auction, to pay to take a picture with a CPR doll, etc etc etc.  It just gets  to be too much.  Today when I walked in, they were setting up little golf tees all around the place....It's called "Putt and Pledge..."  What is it about?  I HAVE NO CLUE.  I deleted the email.  All I know, is that the campaign starts today, and if I donate in the first 8 hours, I get a free half day of vacation.  DONE.

  8. It took a long time, but I think I finally figured out how to get my blog posts to post onto Facebook (and on the Blogger feed) with the picture I want.  It's all about the first picture you add into your post.  I used to be able to picture a picture for Facebook, but that doesn't happen anymore so I now have to be super careful about the first picture I choose!!!  I'm trying!! :o)

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's WEEK 1 PATRIOTS GAME!!!  We got to hang out with friends, eat yummy food, and watch the game.  Oh, and see our favorite players - like Gronk - try to spike the ball, and not realize that it had already dropped out of his hand.  Priceless!

  10. My birthday is officially in 8 days (September 18, people!) Last birthday in my twenties. Any good ideas for celebrating??

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