Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Tuesday, September 18.  The first day of the last year of my 20's.  That's right.  29.  It's official.  It really doesn't bother me.  I still feel the same as I did at 25, which is all that matters, right?
Even my watch/heart rate monitor remembered my birthday!!!

Well, my day was good.  In all honestly, the time I spent at work kind of stunk (which work day doesn't?) but it was full of annoying phone calls and a workout at the gym that really wasn't too exciting.  The night was much better.  

Scott had an awesome surprise for me - dinner at my very best favorite restaurant on Federal Hill - Camille's.  We had an awesome dinner, consisting of a meat and cheese board appetizer, filet mignon for me and veal marsala for Scott, and an AMAZING birthday surprise.

I have to precede the story by telling you that the last time I went to Camille's they made a big deal about me being there (since we have the same name, you know) and I walked out with a pen, some matches, and a few napkins from the bathroom.  Well, this time, not only did they give me a stack of napkins and some more matches, they also gave me a stack of post cards!  At one time, they used to have glasses on the table with "Camille's" on them (they used to sell them, too)...Well, we didn't see any on Tuesday night, so Scott went to the front to ask if they had any (he also used this time to tell them that it was my birthday - a hint that the maitre'd unfortunately gave away when he was yelling after the water that it was my birthday).  While they didn't have any, I was still happy with my collection of goodies.

About half-way through our meal, the maitre'd came over to ask how everything was - and surprised me with a wine glass that he dug up from the depths of who-knows-where!!  How exciting!  A birthday gift for me!!!
Napkins, Postcards, Matches and a wine glass!!!

Then, after dinner, the waiter brought us dessert menus, and while I was salivating over the description of a Snickers Pie, he cam out with a plate of Tiramisu, with "Happy Birthday Camille" written on the plate in chocolate, and a candle stuck to the plate!  It was A-Mazing!!!  I think it was my best birthday surprise ever!!!!

'Happy Birthday Camille' Tiramisu with a "Camilles" chocolate mold on top!!!

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