Monday, December 5, 2011

In the Christmas Spirit

I'm feeling very Christmas-y.  It's been hard to get into the spirit....It's been unseasonably warm lately (it was 61* today) and the fact that I can go outside without my coat on does make it seem surreal that Thanksgiving has past and we're getting ready for Christmas.  None the less, I've started playing Christmas Music in the car and Scott brought up the Christmas Tree and decorations yesterday.  I've started my Christmas Shopping, and I only have a few more things to buy!

Last week was the first time finally started watching some Christmas movies.  We saw A Christmas Carol last week, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I thought it was very well done.  Then, on Thursday, I watched Mickey's Christmas Carol and The Santa Clause.  In watching those movies, I'm trying to figure out what my favorite Christmas movie is...

When I was younger, I would watch Santa Claus, the Movie over and over and over.  I truly believed that was the real story of Santa, and to this day, I compare every Santa movie to it.  Essentially it's about how Santa becomes Santa, and then how in the 20th century the bad guy tries to take over Christmas, but Santa triumphs. I know it never got great reviews, and most people haven't heard of it, but I love it!!

Aside from Santa Claus, my other favorite Christmas movies are White Christmas, the Santa Clause and Muppet Christmas Carol.  

I'm also doing a cookie swap on Sunday.  That always gets me into the Christmas season!  I have no idea what I'm baking, but I'll be sure to update with what I baked!! :o)

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