Sunday, December 18, 2011

Folding Sheets

My mom has an amazing method of folding sheets.  I call it a method, because each set of sheets that she has is a work of art, and the only way to consistently produce such a neat bundle of sheets is to have a method.

As a child, I remember (quite often) deciding that I wasn't going to take a nap, so my mom would have me help her fold the laundry.  While I was usually in charge of folding the face-cloths (in half, and in half again), I often helped to fold the sheets - It's always easier to have two people folding sheets...  

In college, I remember one of my roommates having trouble specifically with the fitted sheet.  I showed her my mom's method, and then said, and here's what I do with the rest of the sheets!  I love passing this method on, because it not only saves room in the linen closet, but it also looks pretty (or as pretty as sheets can get).

I'm going to go through how my mom folds her fitted sheets, which is the main part to "the method" .... I'm not going to go through the folding of the flat sheet - that one is easy!

So here goes (in picture form, of course :o) )

Fold the corners into each other by having one corner inside-out and folding it into the corner that is right side out.  Once your fold one corner into the other, do it on the other side, too

Lay your fitted sheet on the bed (or table) so that the all of the corners are folded into one area (in this case, the top left corner)
Fold the right side into the middle, and then continue to fold the fitted sheet by bringing the left side over (folding the sheet in 3's), and then folding up by 3's again.  You'll end up with a nice rectangle.  If your sheets are big enough, you can fold them in 4's and probably get a perfect square.
Fold the flat sheet into a rectangle (which is always so much easier than folding the fitted sheet) and stack the two together.  My mom gets hers to be the exact same size, I am not that good.
Take your matching pillowcases and fold them in half the long way
Put your stack of sheets right in the middle of the pillow cases
And you've got a bundle.
All of my sheets are folded like this.  The best part is, you never have to go searching for your pillow cases!!


  1. you're more than welcome to come re-fold the 9 sets of sheets i own...currently balled up and thrown in a small chest... which has to be closed very fast or everything tumbles out. i thought that was a good method. then i read this.

  2. My mom (and I) do it the same way. The only difference is that we fold one pillow case and put everything inside the second one. Then you have a bag of sheets :-)

  3. I love the bag of sheets!! That's a great idea! Caro - I can come help you!! :o)