Sunday, November 20, 2011


Last week, I spent a good amount of time making duckies.  Yep, Duckies.  And I had a blast!

As you know, I love to bake.  I had previously made a Rubber Ducky Cake for a birthday party, but my friend called and asked if I could help with making some cookies for her baby shower, and I never turn down an opportunity to bake.

We started on Tuesday.  The dough we made needed to be refrigerated, so I made all the dough and refrigerated it, and then we got to work rolling out the dough, cutting out all the cookies and then baking them.  There were going to be about 75 people at the shower, and each person was going to get 2 cookies each.  So the way the recipes worked out, we made about 200 cookies.  We were smart about it, though - We actually baked half of them "upside down" so that we could put the cookies back to back in the package.

On Wednesday, we started the frosting process.  It took a while, but the cookies looked AMAZING!  We used a Royal Icing recipe that I found, which actually worked out really well.  It's just a combination of Confectioners sugar, meringue powder and water.  For the first batch of icing, we made the icing on the thicker side, in order to be able to put a border on the cookies, and not have the icing run.

Once we finished putting the border on all of the cookies, the first cookies we iced had hardened.  We added more water to the icing, to make it easier to spread, and using a little squeezy bottle, we put the icing into the middle of the cookie, and used a toothpick to move all the icing around inside the border.

Once that had dried (being a very thin layer of icing, it did not take long to dry), we added a black dot for the eye, and then let the cookies dry completely overnight!

The final finished product?  A very stylish (and delicious) table seating!!

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