Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I love Hockey

I love Hockey.  I think it's one of the best sports.  I started really watching hockey while my brother was in middle school.  He started to play then, and I went to most of his games.  In college, my friends and I used to go to almost every single home game and sit as close to the bench as possible.  

When I graduated college and started working, some of my friends and I started going to the Providence Bruins games.  This is when my love of Hockey really started.  We were some of those crazy fans who went to every single Friday night game.  We bought flex ticket packages and knew exactly which seats we wanted to sit in (the best seats are on the corner, because then you can see the entire ice and all the fights).  I remember one particular game, I had a really bad week, and when my friends came to pick me up for the game, I was in the kitchen mixing up grain alcohol and lemonade (disgusting!) in a nalgene bottle.  I proceeded to get a straw from one of the snack stands and drink it out of my bag in the stands.  Needless to say, I did a full dance of the YMCA and got up and danced when they played Cotton Eyed Joe.  Fun times.

Over the years, I haven't gone to as many P-Bruins games, but I do try to go to at least 1 a season, as well as 1 Boston Bruins game per season.  Last night was my first Boston game this season.  At work, a few of the companies here have season tickets, and the plant manager had a set of 4 tickets for last nights game.  I went with a friend from work, and we met 2 other guys from our department there.  So much fun.  The only thing is I didn't get home until after midnight, but after a 3-0 shutout, I really didn't mind all that much:

Recap of the game:  The first period - nothing happened.  Scoreless.  The refs broke up all the (potentially) good fights.  Second period - Two goals within 3 minutes of each other.  Awesome.  Third period - Another goal to make a 3-0 lead...And the B's kept it!  At the beginning of the 2nd period, Shawn Thorton got hurt....Couldn't see what really happened at the game because it happened in the corner (we were sitting on the straightaway at the blue line and couldn't see into a corner).  I guess he was going for the puck and he and another player both tripped and he took a skate to the forehead.  He got taken off the ice, got 40 stitches and never returned to the game.  Mark Recchi scored his 1,532nd career point against the Chicago Blackhawks (AWESOME!).  Tim Thomas sat in goal, and did a fantastic job.  Now if he would only shave off that 1970's mustache....

I wish I could go to more games.  I'll have to suck up to the powers at work to get more tickets!  :o)

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