Friday, March 18, 2011

The King's Speech

There's a guy I work with who has this way of getting movies from the Internet even if they're not out on DVD/BD yet....I don't know how he does it (I've asked him to tell me where he got the movies, but he was disinclined to acquiesce to my request).  Anyway, I'll occasionally ask him to find a movie for me.  I decided that since I love Colin Firth and that "The King's Speech" had won so many categories at the Oscars, that I would like to see it.  However, I would rather see it from the comfort of my own couch rather than at the movie theater.

So yesterday I had a pretty harrowing day at work.  I interviewed for a new job (same building/parent company) and while the interview was supposed to be from 2-5, it ended up being broken up throughout the day (11-11:45, 2-4:30) and it just made for a long day....Either way, I got home and was in a pretty crabby mood, so with the intention of making me feel better, my husband put on the movie (which has been sitting on the kitchen table since last week) and served me a shot-glass worth of vanilla ice cream (because that's all that was left).  Either way, my night got a lot better.

I assumed going into the movie that I was going to like it.  I like the cast quite a bit:  I love Colin Firth (no other explanation needed), I think Helena Bonham Carter is an amazing actress and has an amazing range and I also thing that Geoffry Rush is pretty awesome.  In any case, as I was watching the movie, I felt that it was an amazing story.  It was amazing seeing a grown man studder and stammer through public speaking, also amazing to see his brother make fun of him when he couldn't get a sentence out while he was upset.  I also got to see the love between a King and Queen, which I found interesting because I always ran off the assumption that for the most part, royalty was forced into arranged marriages (and learned that this is not entirely true).  I also learned about history and a very fun manner.  After the movie was over, I googled King George VI.  I was very interested to read that the biography and the movie was very much the same.  It wasn't one of those movies that really stretched out the truth.

I'm thinking that I may go home this afternoon and pop the movie in and watch it again (I think it's going to become one of those movies that I can re-watch a number of times.

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