Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movies Movies Movies

I absolutely love movies.  My favorite two movies as a Child were The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.  It was hard for me to incorporate other movies into that "favorites" category....I used to love The Three Musketeers (you know, when Charlie Sheen was normal).  I have the widest variety of movies at home.  They include all sorts of things, from Clueless, to Pride and Prejudice.  From Austin Powers to Twilight.  From Iron Man to The Godfather Trilogy.  I have all of my DVDs stored at home in alphabetical order.  It makes me happy.

My husband and I bought a new TV on Black Friday, and it came with a Blu Ray Player....So we've been shopping sales and trying to build a collection of Blu Rays.

Our first attempts at buying Blu Rays was at Best Buy.  Not a bad store, but always expensive. A BD for $40 is somewhat of a turnoff, especially if you can find it at Target for $30....

Our next attempt at buying Blu Rays was at Ultimate Electronics.  I'm not sure if you know anything about this store, but they're in the process of going out of business.  Currently, if you happen to find a store near you, they probably have stuff on sale anywhere from 20-70% off.  However, if you look carefully enough, you'll see that everything is marked UP, and then on sale so that it's at the regular market price.  The average consumer may not know this.  My husband and I are huge on research and Consumer Reports, so it makes it easier for us.......In any case, while everything is marked up to be marked down, the BDs were actually priced regular, and then on sale.  Pretty decent buys.  So on the two different trips that we made to the store, we got a number of different movies.  Monsters, INC., American Psycho, Clerks, Amadeus (a fan favorite), The Alien Anthology, and many many more.  I think we bought about 15 BDs all together.  And probably spent only about $200 total.  Which I think is pretty good...One of the movies that we got was Robin Hood.  We happen to see this movie on HBO one night.  I actually put it on because I thought that it was Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves.  I had totally forgotten that this new version of Robin Hood was finally out and so we ended up watching it.  Originally, I didn't think it was going to be too good....I heard a lot of mixed reviews about it right after it came out in theater.  But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  I even watched it On Demand the next night!  So while we were at Ultimate Electronics, I decided that since they had it (And since it was the Director's Edition) I should buy it.  Well I think I watched it twice over the weekend (Yes, I liked it that much).  I find that if I really like a movie, I have no problem re-watching it a million times (My husband gets very aggravated because if I see a movie on TV that I like, I will watch it, even through the commercials, and I often own it....Sometimes I just can't help it!).  So I suggest that if you haven't seen it, that you do see it.

My next movies that I'd like to buy are How to Train Your Dragon and Monsters vs Aliens.  HOWEVER, I'm waiting for them to come out in 3D....I don't know when that will be, but I'm waiting with bated breath!

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