Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I know that everyone knows that March 17th is St. Patrick's Day...The day of green and shamrocks, and beer (and many people going out, including scantily clad girls).  However, not may people know that March 19th is St. Joseph's Day.  This is the Day honoring the holy Father, Joseph.  It is also the day of zeppole....If you've never heard of one before, I wouldn't be surprised if you've eaten one before!  It is the most delicious pastry, that is often compared to donuts.

Growing up, my Nonni (grandmother) used to make these little puffs of deliciousness for me.  She made them without cream, and I remember one time she took a freshly friend batch that I had made to my Uncle Joe, who happened to be in the hospital at the time.  All I remember is him waving half eaten Zeppole at his room-mate, yelling that he was eating a "real zeppole."   Each year, I try to make at least one batch.  Either way, she always made them without cream (A zeppole with cream was always a 'cream puff' in my house).

I follow a bakery on Facebook, called The Bakery Boutique, and they have actually been making Zeppole Cupcakes!  Well, they were on the Rhode Show today and they actually shared their recipe!  Here they are making the Zeppole that you will find in most bakeries, which are filled and topped with a delicious combination of custard and whipped cream.

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