Thursday, September 1, 2011

25 Random Facts

Here are a number of facts about me, the first two (which I won't count to the 25) are that I stole this idea from that "25 Random Facts" of Facebook that went Viral in 2008/2009.  I'm going to try to state a number of things that I didn't say back then!

  1. I have to go to Rochester on September 19-22 for Work.  I've never been to Rochester before.
  2. I love baking.  I'm sure you've seen this from previous blog entries.
  3. I'm not a fan of cleaning, but I can't stand my house to be dirty.  It always seems to be messy.....
  4. My husband and I have gotten into bike riding.  I love it and wish I did it more often.
  5. I live in a condo, and can't wait to move out.
  6. I want to build a house on at least 1+ acres in Barrington.  I hope I'm able to do that one day.
  7. I have a love-hate relationship with caffeine.  To little = headache, too much = headache.
  8. I don't understand the fascination with the word "pasta."  Growing up, it was either macaroni or spaghetti.  Pasta was just if you made it by hand....
  9. I watched "Inglourious Basterds" the other day for the first time.  I loved it, and will definitely watch it again.
  10. I love all movies made by Mel Brooks.
  11. I tore my PCL 5 months before my wedding (on Christmas Eve).  It still hurts when I try to run.
  12. My sister is getting married in June and I am the MOH.  Techinically I'm the "Matron" of Honor.  I hate the word Matron...It sounds so old.
  13. I am newly obsessed with the 2004 Movie "The Phantom of the Opera."  I saw it at PPAC in Middle School, and it scared the crap out of me.  I have a new found love for the music.
  14. I love dirty Martinis.  With 3 olives. 
  15. I went to the ENT because I've been having a lot of issues with my ears.  Apparently I have arthritis in my jaw and it affects my ears.  I can't eat bagels or chew gum.
  16. I don't like being taken advantage of, and I don't like being lied to.  
  17. Hockey is my favorite sport.  Football is my second favorite.
  18. I am transitioning into a new job.  I will soon be an individual contributor again.  I can't wait.
  19. I get frustrated very easily.  I need to remember to take more big breaths.
  20. We had a huge hurricane (Hurricane Irene) over the weekend that a lot of people didn't take seriously.  They actually reclassified it to a "Tropical Storm" but there are still areas that don't have power.
  21. It should usually take me 45 minutes to drive to work.  Lately it's been taking almost an hour because of construction on Rte 44.  They're supposed to be doing this construction until Spring 2012.  JOY.
  22. I have been trying to lose weight.  I have thus far lost 14 lbs on Weight Watchers.  I need to exercise more in order to boost the weight loss.  I get distracted easily.
  23. I have more cookbooks than I know what to do with.  I hardly use any of them.
  24. I have a facebook account, but I'm very upset with the new privacy settings.  You can now tag people in your posts and pictures, even if they're not your friends.  That doesn't seem very private to me!
  25. I love Mexican Food.  And I love drinking Margaritas and Sangria with my Mexican Food.


  1. #4. i just got a new bike, wassim and i ride all the time- if you're ever near my apartment come get me!!

    #14. this was our favorite drink at your wedding and i think it'll be drink of choice at all formal events from now on... with 3 olives.

    #22. congrats!! thats really awesome... you should come to the meetings on thurs nights with all of us, it'd be great to have you there!

    - caro

  2. #13. it scared the crap outta me, too!

    #25. i swear i was a mexican in a former life because i could live off mexican food.