Monday, August 29, 2011

Cakes I've made!

Cakes, through the years!

My first attempts at making a "fun" cake - Carolyn's choice....Baked in a bowl :o) (2005)

Play Ball!! (2005)

I baked this cake "for no reason" to try out some new techniques.  It was fun, and delicious! (2005)

 Happy Birthday Candy!  This was the first cake that I made for non-family! (2005)

 Baseball Hat for Baseball Paul.  I think I might have baked this one in a bowl (to get the round top - instead of trying to cut it out)   (July 2006)

  This was a cake that I made for my cousin Lisa for her Bridal Shower (Summer 2006)

Happy Birthday, Tain!! (Summer 2006)

This is the top to a wedding cake that my friend Christina and I made - we were re-creating her parent's wedding cake.  She was the main baker on this one...I was the main helper :o) (Summer 2006)

 Happy Anniversay, Claudia and Steve!!  (This cake was met with amazing amounts of catastrophe, mainly because of the frosting, lol) (October 2008)

Happy 1st birthday, Chloe! (January 2009)

Happy Birthday, Michael!!  Chocolate Chiffon Cake with Strawberries and Chocolate whipped cream!  YUM!!  (February 2011)

Rubber Ducky! (August 2011)

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