Thursday, September 22, 2011

$h!t on the Yankees!


We had some excitement last weekend.  And by excitement, I mean we had poop all over the basement!  I got a call from a neighbor on Saturday, late afternoon.  She mentioned that when she went downstairs to do a load of laundry, there was water all over the basement.  So I asked Scott to go look (I was very busy baking Triple Layer Cookies and Cream Crunch Bars).  He confirmed that there was about 1" of water and a "grainy substance" all over the laundry room, under the stairs and it was also pooling at the bottom of the stairs.  It was also all soaked into the stupid rug that some foolish Yankee fan put in the laundry room...But luckily, it wasn't going near our storage area!

So I happened to also go downstairs to grab a pocketbook that I had in the storage area, and I saw everything for myself.  There was a lot of water down there, but there was also a funky smell.  So after some deliberation where we both had no clue what to do, I did the only thing I could think of...  I called my dad!

We found the source of the water, which was a pipe in the wall.  We had the 1st floor flush the toilet, and confirmed that it was leaking, basically every time the toilet was flushed!  We broke through the wall, and found that the cover to the stink stack was COMPLETELY OFF!  So everything (EVERYTHING) was just coming out into the laundry room.  It was beyond disgusting!

Well, it's a good thing that Gem Plumbing has 24-hour emergency service!  And they recommended an amazing cleaner!  And it's also good I have a lot of patience, because in typical Condo Association fashion, no one helped us do anything!  Even though the pipes are a shared resource.  Lovely, right?  I think it's finally time to seriously think about selling the condo and moving!

So all in all, we had an exciting weekend, where we were FINALLY able to throw away that stupid carpet that someone put in the laundry room.  I told the cleaning guys that since the Yankee's had been shit all over, they could throw it out.  They liked that!  HAHA!

I've spent the last four days up in Rochester, NY, which naturally is a haven for Yankee fans.  The hotel even has the YES Network which I find so obnoxious!  I can't wait to go home!  Hopefully we won't have any more poop explosions this weekend!

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