Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Matters

  1. My Poison Oak is still here.  It's in the process of going away, and today (Monday) is my last day on medication.  It's gotten lot better, but I still have bouts of itchiness.  The medication the doctor gave me (prednisone) really helped to dry it out, but the side effects are not fun.  For starters, I'm perpetually STARVED and I haven't had more than 4 hours of sleep in over a week.  I'm honestly thrilled that I'm pretty much done with the medication.

  2. I made some homemade pizza dough this weekend and it came delicious.  The sausage loaf and spinach pie also came great, and I'm excited to share the posts this week!!

  3. Speaking of cooking, I made a delicious zucchini frittata on Thursday.  Delicious.

  4. Um, can we talk about how cold it got?  I swear, this happens every year.  New England:  September comes, and the temperatures drop to the 60's.  End of September, and my feet are FROZEN.

  5. The House:  The patching as taken place, sanding happened yesterday.  Second coat of paint is going up this week.  The new plumber starts next week and then the floors.  I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

  6. Speaking of the house...went there yesterday to drop something off and I ran out of gas. Yup, the car sputtered to a stop about 500 yards from a gas station. Thank goodness for dads and gas cans, right?

  7. NFL.  Thank you SO much for bringing back the real Refs.  Seriously.  I can't thank you enough.

  8. Got to play with my dad's dog on Saturday.  How can you not love this face???

  9. Dobby the Schnauzer.

  10. I downloaded a new app to my iPhone - Panorama.  The excitement that I get out of piecing pictures together to make one huge picture makes me so happy.  Yes, I'm a dork.

  11. I snapped the BEST picture of one of Providence's finest this weekend....I was driving through downtown Providence to bring my brother in law a set of golf clubs (he's in town this week for work, and went golfing on Sunday....)....As I sat at a light, waiting for it to turn green, I couldn't help snapping this picture.  I feel like it really exemplifies Providence Police Department...

  12. Texting while "Directing Traffic" .....

  13. I had to go to our rental property yesterday to change out some light bulbs (one of the fixtures had 3 blown bulbs...And the fixture is brand new....I might be contacting an electrician if it keeps happening).  In any case, while I was there, I finally remembered the combination to the lock box that I had put on the outside of the house (it's good to have in case someone gets locked out)....I put it up a while ago, but for some reason couldn't remember the combination that I set - I tried all of the "usual" combinations, and nothing worked.  Well, yesterday it hit me.  Let's just say that I'm embarrassed that I couldn't remember the combination that I set....

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