Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday Matters....One Day Late

  1. I'm late in my Monday Matters Post this week.  We spend most of our day yesterday either on an Airplane or in the Airport, and I totally forgot about putting something together.  We went on vacation last week, and yesterday was our travel home day....

  2. Last week we visited my father in law, and we went to both Disney's Magic Kingdom and Islands of Adventure/Universal for one day each.  It was so much fun and I plan on blogging about everything with pictures this week!

  3. Let's talk about Disney for a minute.  Not the rides, not the ridiculous amount of strollers and how often they hit you in the ankles, not even the character appearances.  Let's talk about the bakery on Main Street.  Heaven.  Absolute heaven.

  4. During said day-trip to Islands of Adventure, I got to see HARRY POTTER!!!  I cannot tell you how exciting it was.  Seriously.  So Exciting.  I walked through Hogsmeade, Honeydukes, Zonkos, Ollivanders; I went to Hogwarts; I saw the Three Broomsticks AND The Hogs Head; I even drank some Butterbeer!  Everything about the day was just awesome.

  5. Hogwarts

    Me, posing in Honeydukes with a Chocolate Frog
  6. We headed down to Sanibel on Saturday and on the way there stopped in to visit one of Scott's friends in Fort Myers.  We visited with their family, and then went to a hockey game before heading west to Sanibel.  

  7. On Sunday we went to a wedding in Sanibel, which was a lot of fun.  The rain held out for a beach ceremony and then we danced the night away!!

  8. We are now home, and I am fighting a ferocious head cold.  I don't know what caused it, but my head feels like a balloon....And it's about to pop.

  9. So now back to the real world.  I'm hoping to do some more cooking and baking this week.  

  10. Speaking of the real world, it's time to make a regimented exercise schedule.  I had been doing really well before vacation (and before my awesome bout of Poison Oak), and I want to get back on track. Throughout vacation, I did some workouts with Scott (he does crossfit with a friend, so he and I did a couple of travels WODS together throughout the week), and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  But it's time to get serious again.  I cancelled my membership at the gym (even though it was only $15 / month, I hardly went at all, and always felt like I was in a 10th grade popularity contest when I went).  So now, it's home workouts and work workouts (you really have no excuse not to work out when work provides a free gym).  

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