Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Sneakers, New Workout

So I don't remember if I mentioned this or not....But I signed up for some 1 on 1 training sessions at work.  It cost $89 for 3 half hour sessions.  I figured I would do the three sessions, decide if I like it, and then do some of the work outs on my own, with the training sessions in between.

Well, today was my first session.  It went great.

In 30 minutes, I burned 323 calories.  Yes.  really.  I'm not lying.  

My workout today:

1 minute treadmill walking
1 minute Suicide Sprints
16 8-lb backward rows
16 10-lb alternating lunges
16 10-lb bicep curls
16 10-lb triceps extensions
16 10-lb overhead presses
16 10-lb side shoulder raises
16 count planks
16 mountain climbers

It was seriously a great workout.  I built up a sweat, and I burned the calories.  I also found that when I exercise, I eat better.  And I haven't been exercising over the last 2 weeks because of being sick, and therefore I haven't been eating well.  So it's time to exercise again!!  But today was a great start!!!

Plus, I got to wear these babies....

My new Reebok Real Flex Sneakers....They weight about an ounce.  Seriously.  So light!

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