Monday, May 21, 2012

What wallpaper?

With the exception of 1/2 a bedroom that still has backing on the walls and one room where all of the paper is down and we just need to remove the excess glue (thanks to my mother in law who graciously paid to have someone help us -Thank you again!!!), we're almost done with the wallpaper removal!!

It's taken over a month (far longer than I originally anticipated) and we still have a lot more work ahead of ourselves.

I honestly don't know what I will do when there is officially none left. Maybe I'll drink a huge drink. All I know is I'll probably be seeing ugly 1970's patterns in my nightmares for a long time.

Once we finish the wallpaper and glue, we're on to washing (with TSP), priming (we have to use a special primer for walls that have been papered but not painted), and then finally painting.

Wish us luck!!

A view of the hallway, clear of wallpaper!

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