Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lobster Dinner!!

On Friday night, I got a call from my cousin Carolyn asking if we wanted to go over to her house for dinner - we were having LOBSTER!  Scott didn't need to be asked twice, and we stopped at the wine store, got 2 bottles of white wine, and headed over to my Aunt's house for what ended up being a ridiculously fun night.

Shaw's had a sale on lobster - $5.99/lb, so my aunt bought 7 lobsters, and made an array of dishes to go with it (pictures blow).  We had Italian Cole Slaw (that would be Cole Slaw without mayonnaise and is fixed with olive oil and vinegar), salad with cucumber, tomatoes, and edamame, and corn on the cob (as well as some melted butter for dipping the lobster).

My aunt did some research for making the lobster, and I would recommend it to anyone who is going to make it at home.  In the past, I've always boiled lobster.  I've filled up a large pot, submerged a single lobster in the water.  Instead of using that method, my aunt put about 2 inches of water in a big 8 quart pot with 2 Tbsp of Sea Salt, a coarsely chopped onion and a couple stalks of celery.  Then we put 6 lobsters in the pot all together.  Cook for 15 minutes (until the antennae pull out easily) and then serve and EAT.

6 Lobsters in the pot - the water bubbles up quite a bit, so every so often you have to remove the lid, let the water go down, and then replace the lid

The comedy of the night was my aunt skeeving the lobster (she put on a rubber glove to pick them up), so I saved her and put all the lobsters into the pot (put them in head first).  Then she after she covered the pot and we both walked away...All of a sudden, the cover came off the pot and one of the lobsters STARTED CRAWLING OUT OF THE POT!!!!  His back end was out of the pot, and my aunt was holding the lid, trying to push it back into the pot, all the while screaming, "Camille!!!  Help!!!!"  HAHAHA.  We ended up getting Mr. Lobster back into the pot, and we held the lid down until they were no longer crawling (it's sad, but they're deliciously worth it, lol).

The spread on the table was picture-worthy, and we had a blast all night - my sides ached from laughing.

Salad, Lobster, Corn, Cole Slaw and BUTTER!!!

On top of all of the other food, my aunt ALSO made sausage and potatoes.  It was fabulous!!

Turkey/Chicken Sausage and Potatoes

The night commenced in a game of "What Would You Do If" as well as three people stepping in doggy poopy in the back yard and my forcing my cousin to put bags on her feed before she got into my car.

Cleaned sneakers, but with bags just for good measure ;-)

All in all, a FABULOUS night with good food and family!

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