Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Olympics Recap

The Olympics always make me so happy.  I get so excited to see all of the athletes, and watch the sports that I don't usually get to see on regular TV.  While some of the sports don't interest me at all (Like some of the field events like shot-put), I get super excited for quite a few events:

In order of interest:

  1. Swimming - I think these events interest me the most mainly because I was a swimmer in high-school.  I understand the different strokes and the nuances of the sport.  
  2. Gymnastics - I love gymnastics because it is something I always wished I could do, but other than taking a few lessons at the YMCA when I was young, I never developed a talent for it.
  3. Diving - To me, diving is like a combination of swimming and gymnastics, and I find it so much fun to watch.  I love seeing the size of the splash (or lack thereof) and the different flips that they do.
  4. Track (the short events) - I love watching the short (like 100 meter) events.  It amazes me that someone can run a distance like that in only 10 seconds.  While I'm not a runner (I'm more of one of those joggers who's about to fall down in the middle of the street), I love the sprinting events!

We were on vacation the main week that the Olympics was on TV, so we ended up watching quite a bit, and it made vacation a lot of fun.  We all enjoyed watching the same (and a few different) sports, so it made it fun to root for the USA.

While other sports don't make my top-4 list, I also enjoy watching tennis, water polo, rowing, cycling, and volleyball (indoor and beach).

I could honestly care less about watching Basketball in the Olympics.  I watch it during regular season and it's all the same people so I don't need to watch it now.  Plus, I find it very difficult to root for the USA when Lebron James is on that team.  Just Sayin'.  Also, there are just some events that I have never gotten into, like synchronized swimming, badminton, archery, and field hockey.  While I don't dislike the sport, I just am not into them.  

What are your favorite Summer Olympic Sports?  Do you have any fun Olympic Traditions??

PS - What did you think of the USA Swimming's rendition of Call Me Maybe??

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