Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shopping Success!

We did some shopping this week!!!

We got all of the bathroom fixtures (We got those from Robinson Supply).  It was a lot of fun picking everything out.

We got the tile!!  Wahoo, I am SO excited!  We got it at Home Depot, and ended up buying one from the display board.  We were a little annoyed because we found one we loved only to find that the design tile was discontinued, so we created one for ourselves. 
The tile design we went with (with a different design piece)
We were the customers at Home Depot who caused two different aisles to close down so they could take a new stack of tile down from the top row.

Closing down the aisles to bring our tile down
The only thing left on the list to buy now is the doors and the bulkhead (I have a few questions for the contractor on those).

But we're ready to roll!  We've got the dumpster waiting!!  :o)
The dumpster is ready!  Can't wait to start the projects!!

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