Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dinner Disaster

Last night I attempted a Weight Watchers recipe that a friend of mine suggested. Lemon chicken with broccoli. Sounds delicious.

The problem with my version: way too much lemon!! The recipe called for the zest and the juice, next time I'll skip the zest. I also need to cook the broccoli a little less.....I hate mushy broccoli...

So next time, we'll go with a little less lemon, and crispier broccoli. Here's a view of the finished product (served with brown rice)


  1. I made this recipe recently and LOVED it! Only different was I actually didn't cut the chicken up and left them as whole breasts.

  2. That's too bad :( Nothing worse than really looking forward to a meal you're making (especially after rave reviews) and having the outcome fall short of your expectations. I'm sure next time you'll nail it!